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Best Prepaid is your guide to the best prepaid mobile plans and the best prepaid mobile broadband plans that the Australian market has to offer. We have been the leading prepaid research service in Australia for over 5 years and below you will find out latest recommendations. If you want to make sure you are making the right decision, compare them for yourself via our extensive research on the prepaid market. Compare the best prepaid plans today.

best prepaid mobileBest Prepaid Mobile Plans

Amaysim offers the PAYG prepaid mobile plan which enables you to only pay for what you use.

The PAYG rates are 12c/min for calls and TXT and NO flagfall applies. This prepaid mobile plans is best suited for the occasional call, TXT and data user. PAYG data is also just 5c/MB charged per MB and your data allowance also comes with unlimited social media access to Facebook and Twitter when you purchase an additional Data Addon.

Your Amaysim prepaid credit lasts 90 days and Amaysim uses the Optus 3G network.

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Best Value Prepaid PAYG Data

best prepaid mobile

Hello Mobile recently launched the $20 and $30 Easy Plans. The new Easy Plans comes with some of the best PAYG call and data rates available in the market today. Data is just 3c/MB (billed per MB).

Easy $20 also offers a call rate of just 8c/min, with no flagfall and 12c TXT. Your $20 gives you 125, 2 minutes (each at 16c each). Credit lasts for 30 days and Hello Mobile uses the Vodafone network. Your $20 Credit can be used on any Australian national and mobile numbers plus 13/18 numbers. You can also enjoy calls to loads of international numbers at very discounted international rates.

If you upgrade to the $30 Easy Plan, Hello Mobile also gives you unlimited calls to any other Hello Mobile users.

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Best Prepaid Mobile Starter Sim

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Getting started with prepaid is as simple as trying a Yatango Mobile free trial sim pack. For 30 days and at no cost to you, Yatango Mobile offers you a sim loaded with 600 minutes, 600 TXT and 1GB of data.

This is the best way to discover exactly how much you use your mobile phone each month. You can then build your own plan and make monthly adjustments as you need to.

Yatango Mobile offers both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans as well as PAYG rates. You can also use your Yatango sim in your iPad or tablet as a data plan. 

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Best Value Data Sim

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Amaysim do not just offer great value PAYG and Unlimited mobile plans, they also offer a great value data sim card which can be used in any USB or Wifi Modem or iPad/Tablet. Using the Optus network, Amaysim gives you access to a range of recharge options including: 1GB – $9.90 (30 days), 2.5GB – $19.90 (30 days), 4GB – $29.90 (30 days) and 10GB – $99.90 (365 days).

Along with your data allowance, Amaysim also gives you access to unlimited social media access, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and MySpace.

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Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband USB Starter Kit

best prepaid mobileTelstra is offering its 4G Prepaid Mobile Broadband USB Starter Kit for just $99. This USB Modem also doubles as a Wifi Modem when plugged in and offers 5GB data with 30 days to use it.

Access the Telstra 4G network using your laptop, tablet or any other mobile device. When your initial 5GB data allowance has been used up you can recharge on the Telstra network at 700MB for $30 (30 days), 1GB for $40 (30 days), 3GB for $50 (30 days) or 12GB for $180 (365 days).

A combined USB and Wifi Modem is a great way to stay connected with friends, family or work colleagues when you are away from work or home.